About BICA Labs


BICA Labs was founded in 2013 by Dr Maxim Orlovsky and Yaroslav Rozhylo in Kyiv, Ukraine with the aim of developing efficient cognitive architectures suited for more advanced and strong forms of artificial intelligence (AI). The vision behind such architectures is bionic (biologically-inspired): most successful breakthroughs in AI were achieved by mimicking large-scale and small-scale brain architectures – from concept of McCulloch-Pitts artificial neuron up to deep neural networks, based on the structure of visual cortex.

Initial research was focused on solving applied machine learning problems and testing different approaches to mimmic neurophysiological and psychological patterns of information processing in artificial environments. Later in 2016 BICA Labs has defined its research focus  on new cognitive architectures, combining advances in Mathematics and Computer Science with Neuroscience, Psychology, Complexity & Non-linear Science. Research groups in BICA Labs are currently working on four main directions having strong potential for disruption in the field artificial intelligence and machine learning:

  • New biologically-inspired cognitive architectures: revisioning concept of McCulloch-Pitts artificial neuron, creating new neurophysiology-based learning algorithms, experimenting with asymmetric neural networks mimicking brain hemispheric asymmetry etc;
  • Possible applications of complexity and non-linear science to enhancement of neural network learning algorithms;
  • Collective intelligence and behavior in multi-agent intelligent systems;
  • Embedded AI and brain-computer interfaces as a natural extension of biologically-based artificial cognition.

Core Team


We tightly working with different research institutions and companies across the globe with their leading specialist involved part-time in research activities at BICA Labs

Join our Team

BICA Labs has a number of open full-time and part-time research fellow positions. If you have expertise in one of the fields listed below or feel that some of our research topics or projects fits your skills and interests please fill the form below or contact us via Facebook Messenger on our page.

Math & non-linear science

  • Abstract algebra, discrete and statistical manifolds
  • Fractal and fractional differential equations
  • Graph theory
  • Chaos theory, catastrophes theory, dynamical systems
  • Non-linear time series analysis

Machine learning

  • Reinforced learning
  • Deep residual neural networks
  • Recurrent neural networks
  • Genetic algorithms

Neural networks framework developers

We look for experts with deep knowledge of the internals of existing neural network frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras) and underlying technologies (CUDA, cuDNN) able to extend it and modify, implementing new types of neural network layers and learning alorithms

Blockchain & P2P communications

  • Knowledge of private and public blockchain protocols
  • Ethereum smart contract developers
  • Specialists in low-energy short range communications (BLE etc)